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meowfaces-foryou said: I look through this blog and I wonder how there are people on this earth that don't like hockey. It is seriously the greatest game ever.

Only amazing people can appreciate the lovely sport of hockey.

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jonathantoewz said: your blog rocks! I LOVE IT !

Thanks so much!

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staywonderful14 said: this isnt a question/submission, and you dont have to post this, but i just wanted to say ive been looking for a good all about hockey tumblr for a LONG time. and yours is AMAZING. soo, basically, thanks for existing(; best blog ever. keep up the good work! haha, bye.

Of course I’m going to post this: it’s too cute not to!

I love you, follower!

Thanks so much for your awesomely sweet message!

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Good luck to all 16 teams in the playoffs this season!

And if your team didn’t make the playoffs this season, hope you make it next year!

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